Air Conditioning

16-Point Spring/Summer Maintenance Checklist

What all do we cover with our air conditioning maintenance? Here's our checklist for the spring and summer:

  1. Check indoor air filter
  2. Check operation of the thermostat
  3. Check evaporator coil
  4. Treat primary drain pan with algaecide tablets
  5. Blow primary and secondary drain lines
  6. Check blower assembly
  7. Check attic equipment and duct system for apparent air leaks where accessible
  8. Check system's total static pressure
  9. Check temperature drop
  10. Check power connections in outdoor unit
  11. Check compressor amperage draw
  12. Check condenser fan motor amperage draw
  13. Check refrigerant charge and perform leak search if low where accessible at no additional cost
  14. Calculate outdoor unit Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
  15. Rinse off condenser oil
  16. Wash and wax outdoor unit's cabinet
Rely on us for your air conditioning repairs and maintenance.