16-Point Fall Maintenance Checklist

Here's our 16-point fall heating maintenance checklist so that you know what to expect:

  1. Check indoor air filter
  2. Check operation of the thermostat
  3. Remove and clean burner assembly as needed
  4. Clean burner compartment as needed
  5. Check heat exchanger
  6. Check for gas leaks at the furnace
  7. Check for gas leaks at the gas safety stop
  8. Check ignition system
  9. Check burner operation
  10. Check and lube inducer motor
  11. Check blower wheel
  12. Clean exterior of the cabinet
  13. Check all safeties and limits
  14. Check flue for proper venting
  15. Check attic equipment and accessible duct system for visible air leaks
  16. Check system for adequate cycling
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